The way life should be? Yeah, not so much.

When you come from Maine, you spend a lot of time defending it to other folks because the state has a certain reputation for being ass-backwards.

And, as was proven again yesterday, the state itself does very little to change that perception.

Oh, and better still, they vote against gay marriage but for medicinal marijuana. Hate, fear, and weed... sure, Maine, nothing redneck about that at all.


  1. In fairness to your state of origin, gay marriage has been voted down by thirty other states as well, and hasn't won in any state where it's been on the ballot. This is much more a reflection on the sorry condition of our country in general than it is on any particular state. If anything, it's to Maine's credit that the outcome was so close in spite of the fierce religious opposition.

    The point has also been raised that no group in this country has ever received its due civil rights through a popular vote. Historically, equality has only ever been affirmed by the legislators and the courts, not by the voters. In a way, that makes sense: the whole point of civil rights is that they protect the minority FROM the majority. If the majority weren't actively discriminating against the minority, there'd be no need for civil rights. This issue (like every preceding civil rights issue) will ultimately be decided in the Supreme Court, not in the voting booth.

  2. Your points are well-constructed and valid, and I agree, but I still reserve the right to be pissy and disappointed.

    But on the upside, the woman who now lives in the house where I grew up reminded me that at least the residents of my former hometown, Bangor, and the residents of my *actual* former home, voted in favor of equality.