Making the (Lego) Band & the Brave and the Big Red Cheese

Liam has been fascinated by the idea of the Lego Rock Band game. I mean, he loves Lego as it is, and has enjoyed all of the Lego Star Wars, Indy, and Batman games (even if we do a lot of the playing for him). And he loves playing Rock Band with us, too (even if we don't actually turn his instrument on most of the time). So a combination of the two is a slam dunk for him, and Erin and I are both excited to check it out, too, though we haven't gotten around to doing that yet.

So Liam took matters into his own hands and made his own Lego Rock Band. My only contributions to this were suggesting he could use a shovel and an oar as guitars. The rest was all him. My kid is the coolest person I know.

The whole short photo set can be seen here.

How do you make Batman: The Brave and the Bold even better? You put Captain Marvel on the show, that's how!

(They might make you sit through an ad first. Sorry.)

Not sure when this debuts, but oh, I'm excited.


  1. Captain Marvel already showed up in the comic version, so I'm glad the character models match those. It looks very cool.

    The Lego Rock Band your son put together looks neat, too. I do like watching imagination in action, and I like that you encourage it.

  2. I really liked that issue of the book, too, but I wondered if rights issues would keep him from appearing on the show, sort of like how the Ted Kord Blue Beetle could appear in the JLU comic but not the cartoon. Nice to see that isn't the case here, for both Captain Marvel and Blue Beetle!