Better Late Than Never Reviews - Maybe Still a Touch Swiney Edition

Quickish reactions to recently read comics. *CoughHackSputterWheeze* Let's do this. *SnorfleGaspChoke*

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #s 1-5 - I was enjoying Jonathan Hickman's run on FF so much I wanted to read the Dark Reign tie-in mini he wrote preceding it (and I couldn't find the trade, so I scrounged up the issues), and yeah, it was just as good. And while I enjoyed Reed's soul-searching and Sue, Ben, & Johnny's (and their various counterparts, too) cross-dimensional hijinks, what impressed me the most was that Hickman actually did something with Franklin and Valeria. In most FF stories involving the kids, they're hostages, their powers go wonky, or else they're just shuffled off to Alicia's house before the rest of the fam heads off to the Negative Zone. But here they have they get their own adventure, and if we're all being honest with ourselves, most of the best scenes. Two kids - exceptional kids, admittedly, but still - hold off an entire HAMMER squad, and their method of pissing off Norman Osborne (particularly Franklin's method to "mess with his head") was hilarious. Plus, I think it's funny that a kid surrounded by sci-fi every day of his life like Franklin would spend the entire time dressed as a cowboy (why wouldn't his fantasies be more down to earth when his regular life is most kids' dream?). If you're enjoying Hickman's regular run on Fantastic Four but skipped/missed this, backtrack and read it. You'll be glad you did.

Fantastic Four 572 - And yeah, this is still great, too. The storyline ends a bit more abruptly than I was expecting, but I definitely get the feeling that we'll be coming back to some of these plot threads later.

Not much more to be said, really.

The Boys #1 (Dynamite edition) - I've never been a big Garth Ennis fan, but so many people whose opinions I trust have been raving about The Boys from the beginning, and this reprint of the first issue was only a buck, so I figured what the hell. And I have to say, I kinda liked it. While there's all the usual profanity, debauchery, and ultraviolence, I was legitimately shocked by Hughie's tragedy. Did not see that coming at all, and found it rather heartbreaking as a result. Well played, Garth. I'm certainly curious to see where the story progresses from here and will be tracking down the trades at some point in the near future.

Final Crisis - Finally got around to this, and as most of the rest of the inter-ma-net debated this endlessly months ago, I won't belabor the point: this was a mess, a shambling collection of ideas and happenings all banging into one another as they desperately search for a plot to hang themselves on (though they'd be better served searching for something to hang themselves with). Not so much scripted as scribbled on napkins during a 3 martini lunch. And based on how little effect it seems to have had on the DC Universe in the months since its release, I can't help but think the company didn't care for it, either. When a company sweeps a story under the rug the same year it was published, that says something.

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  1. hey The Boys STEADILY goes down hill!!! JIm and I have both dropped this title it is HORRIBLE now!! Do yourself a favor and do not continue reading this series....