Wieringo Wednesday: Long Live the Legion!

I've been reading a lot of recently purchased Legion of Super-Heroes back-issues lately, and it dawned on me that I haven't done a Wieringo Wednesday in a week or two, so I thought it'd be awesome to see if 'Ringo had drawn any LSH in his career. A quick search didn't turn up anything official, unfortunately (which is really too bad, because his style would have been perfect for the post-Zero Hour Legion!), but these sketches give us a glimpse of what could have been.

Nice shot of the founders and Superboy here. I enjoy that everyone actually looks like teenagers. Reminds me a bit of Alan Davis' artwork on the Superboy's Legion Elseworlds mini-series.

This solo shot of Mon-El confirms something I've always thought about the guy: when by himself, his outfit looks pretty cool. Pair him with other super-heroes, though, and all you notice is how un-superheroey it looks.

The animated Legion gets their turn, too. I like his take on Phantom Girl better than the actual show's... she looked too bug-eyed a lot of the time on TV, and he really tones that down here, thankfully.

Brainiac 5 looks a little Zentradi!