The List: 10/2/09 - Majors, Minis, and Oldies

Quick reactions to recently read - though not necessarily recently published (especially this time around) - comics. Do it, Rockapella!

Actually, don't.

Creepy #1 - Picked this up on both the strength of the many creators and the reputation of the original Creepy, and was mostly pretty disappointed. The artwork was top notch across the board, but the stories were mostly kinda blah and by the numbers. The one reprint from the original mag, though, with art by Alex Toth no less, pretty much made up for the rest, though (and gets bonus points for taking place near my hometown). I'm wondering if I'd be better served reading old school Creepy instead of this.

Fantastic Four #571 - Jonathan Hickman pretty much has my number on this. Alternate realities, some truly disturbing actions from the Legion of Many Reeds (how often do you actually feel sorry for Victor?), compelling family drama, and all sorts of Kirby. Yeah, if this stays this good, I think I'm in this for the long haul.

Fantastic Four #s 168 - 170, Annual #11 - This is 70s Marvel in microcosm. Ben loses his powers, so Reed hires Luke Cage to be the FF's new muscle. Ben is finding that no longer being the Thing isn't as great as he always hoped, though, and holds a grudge against Cage for taking his spot. Then Cage turns on everyone, and does stuff that eventually (accidentally) leads to the Nazis winning WW2 in the Annual, so the FF needs to go back in time and meet up with the Invaders, whom they immediately need to fight. God damn do I love comic books.

Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #9 - Yes, this is indeed the issue where Cage makes like the paperboy in Better Off Dead and travels to Latveria to get the $200 that Doctor Doom owes him for a job in the previous issue. Need I even say more? So bizarrely wonderful that alien archaeologists will discover it many millions of years from now and declare it the pinacle of that strange civilization called Humanity. And they won't be that far off.

The Adventures of Araknid Kid - Print continuation of the Zuda Comics entry from Josh Alves, starring a young, trapese-swinging, rebus-speaking hero who protects this Western/steampunky mash-up town from evil. Breezy all ages fun.

Outreach - Minicomic by Raina Telgemeier with short strips about real life events and conversations at various "comics for kids" workshops she's done. Very cute stuff. If nothing in here makes you smile, you have no soul.

Take-Out #s 2 - 7 - More minis by Raina, some autobiographical, some not, but all very true to life. You can read some of the stories online here. My favorite was Beginnings.

Teen Boat #s 1 - 3 - Fun high concept teen angst mini comics by Dave Roman and John Green featuring the adventures of a high school student who can turn into a boat. So it's like Turbo Teen, but not a car and it doesn't make you yearn for the grave. Wins points for being the only high school stories I've ever read to mix bullies and detentions with piracy and gambling in international waters.

Life Meter #1 - Video game tribute comics and pin-ups by a host of indie creators. Mostly 8-bit stuff, but some more modern games like the Resident Evil series and Animal Crossing show up, too. Great nostalgia chow, and anything that features an appearance by Kuribo's Shoe is aces in my book.

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