The List: 9/8/09, or "School's In From the Summer" Edition

As always, brief-ish reactions to recently read - though not always recently produced - comics.

Wednesday Comics #s 5 - 8 - DC's great weekly "Sunday Funnies But Not Very Funny and on a Wednesday" experiment continues apace, and it's pretty much the same as the first month, with the exceptions being that something FINALLY happened in the Superman and Sgt. Rock strips, and the art in Wonder Woman is getting less condensed, making it easier to appreciate (even if I still don't like the story itself). The Supergirl strip is becoming one of my favorites... it's nice to see someone actually try humor in this, and the Aquaman appearance had me laughing out loud. Still more hits than misses, and for the second month in a row, the first things out of the DCBS box that got read. I imagine this final month will be same story.

Agents of Atlas: Dark Reign HC - I thoroughly enjoyed this, and am already eagerly awaiting the next volume, but I always felt like I wasn't liking it quite as much as I should. I eventually realized that was because I enjoyed the original mini-series so much that there was no way the ongoing could have lived up to it, It's an unfair comparison, but one any creator will encounter when they hit the ball out of the park the first time around. And make no mistake, Jeff Parker absolutely crushed it on the mini-series. But still, quite good, and even if you're not following the rest of the Dark Reign fooferaw, this is easy enough to follow even as tightly tied in as it is. I'd like to see this book without all those tie-ins, sort of as a Planetary for the Marvel Universe, but if it's tie-ins that keep this book going, bring 'em on, because there's a lot here to like. I'd hate to see people miss out on stuff like Venus' kicky 50s look in the flashbacks or the realization that reminds everyone that Spider-Man's a really smart guy when he's not selling relationships to the devil.

Ace-Face: The Mod with the Metal Arms - Superhero hijinks mixed with everyday life sort of problems, all served up by Mike Dawson of "Freddie and Me" fame. I don't think they're mixed very well, though, because what you're essentially getting is three different books. Ace-Face himself is a fun concept (mod Brit superhero born without arms, so he gets fitted for GIANT bionic arms as a baby that he slowly grows into), but seeing him shlub through life gets kind of depressing, and his son's story, which mostly involves dealing with neighbors who noisily drink on the stoop outside at all hours of the night, is fairly generic indie slice-of-life you've seen before. The third (and even more disconnected) storythread involves two kid brothers who use their superpowers - one is telekinetic, the other can teleport - to torture the living hell out of each other. These two, too-brief segments were hilarious, and accurate in that this is EXACTLY what brothers with powers would do to each other all day, and I think Dawson made a huge miscalculation when deciding who was capable of headlining the book.

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