Five By Five At Five

Five lists of five on the fifth blogday. Because.

Five Favorite Posts:
  1. A True Tale of Childhood Woe
  2. Shazam!
  3. Tell Me Something I Really Wanna Know. Take Me Somewhere I Really Wanna Go. (and its accompaniment, My Essential Juliana Hatfield Discography, which still gets a surprising amount of hits.)
  4. The "Getting Hooked" series (Okay, that's a cheat, but when your blog turns 5, you can cheat, too. I'll let ya.)
  5. My Very Patient Wife Reviews Watchmen

Five Favorite Shoddily Crafted MS Paint Images

Five Character Crossovers I'd Like to See:

  1. Batman and the Fantastic Four, esp. if Batman needs to go into his Morrisonian "sci-fi closet" to keep up with Reed. And Batman vs. Doom would be the best fight ever.
  2. Herbie Popnecker and Wolverine. Actually, this would be the best fight ever.
  3. Little Lulu and Tubby meet Nancy and Sluggo. I'm sure Mike Sterling would buy it, too, so that's 2 copies sold right there. Get on it, Dark Horse!
  4. G.I. Joe and the Village People. Cobra would get so confused.
  5. The Sentry, Gambit, and Red Tornado vs. something truly and horribly fatal.

Five Movies That People Need to Reconsider:
  1. Zero Effect - not only do you get some great performances from Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller, but it's also the greatest Sherlock Holmes movie yet made.
  2. Popeye - Condemned by many Altman's greatest misfire, I think it's actually quite good. I think people expected it to be closer to the cartoons, but it's ultimately the Thimble Theatre movie. Far more Segar than Fleischer here.
  3. Fantastic Four - Not a perfect movie by any means, nor a perfect adaptation of the source material, but not as bad as everyone says, either. They nailed the Ben & Johnny dynamic, the effects were decent, and you've got Stan Lee as Willie Lumpkin (now if only he had wiggled his ears).
  4. The Phantom Menace - Look people, this wasn't even the worst movie of the prequel trilogy. Make a like a Jedi and let go of your hatred. Or at least redirect it toward the last Indiana Jones movie. Now that was a scorn-worthy piece of film making.
  5. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - Again, not as bad as people want to say it is. It looks snazzy, has a fun, Saturday matinee feel, it's the closest we'll ever get to a Blackhawk flick, and I'm convinced that a Superman movie shot in this style and period would be the greatest thing ever.

Five Words That Someone Should Appropriate for the Purposes of Sexual Euphemism (and May Already Have for All I Know):
  1. Twitter
  2. Pickle
  3. Phlebotomy
  4. Deuteronomy
  5. Fractal

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  1. I loved it when your lady got into the action.

    Phantom Menace: You're right, it's NOT the worst of the prequels. Phantom Menace might even be the best. Which isn't saying much from my perspective.