Tuesday Night Cartoons: Pryde of the X-Men

The 90s X-Men cartoon wasn't too bad, occasionally wonky animation and Gambit aside, but I often wonder how a full series based off of this pilot from the 80s would have gone.

WARNING: Contains an awful earworm of a theme song (X-Men! X-Men! Comin' your way!"), an Australian Wolverine (weird at the time, but oddly prophetic in hindsight), and absolutely no subtlety whatsoever. But, no Gambit, so I think that evens things out rather nicely.


  1. How did you find this? I wanted to use this for one of my own showcases, but couldn't find it. And is there any chance you can find the Solarman cartoon? That's another I can't find.

  2. Just typed "Pryde of the X-Men" into YouTube and it came up right away.