The List: 8/19/09 - "People You Don't Want to Know but Can't Stop Reading About" Edition

Comics have been read! Here are encapsulations of my reactions! Exclamation point!

Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter - I'll admit being a little apprehensive going in, seeing as I hated hated HATED the movie adaptation of the original novel (the Mel Gibson shoot-'em-up Payback), but I trusted in Darwyn Cooke, and that trust was rewarded. The man can tell a story like nobody's business, effectively using silent sequences, quickfire bursts of dialogue, long passages verbatim (I assume) from Stark (a.k.a. the late Donald Westlake), and effective use of light and shadow. The mono-coloring works fantastically, too; it would've been easy to go straight black and white in this, but the blueish tint gives the feeling of a world perpetually clouded in cigarette smoke, which fits.

RASL Vol. 1: The Drift - Almost assuredly not the sort of thing people were expecting from Jeff Smith after Bone and Monster Society of Evil. It's definitely ponderous, and deliberately so; Smith is definitely playing this story close to his vest. And that's a strength, I think, since after being dropped into this world - these worlds - without much explanation, you need to really work to follow along, and as result, each little revelation feels huge because you've come to think that you earned it. A quick read, but one that will benefit from re-readings. The more I think about it, the more I want to think about it, so I think it's safe to say Smith has me here.

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