Comic-Non Day 1: Panels, Candy, and The Greatest Comic Book EVER

Comic-Non International 2009 continues! Lots of great panels today, including:
  • "Lee Elias drew some foxy women in his day."
  • "Helping Liam through the hard parts of Lego Indiana Jones: The Video Game."
  • "Megan Fox is trying way too hard to be the next Angelina Jolie and it's really, really sad."
  • "I'm weirdly attracted to the girl in the Progressive Insurance ads."
  • "Hey, I totally would've won both Showcases if that had been me on The Price is Right just now."

And the shopping has been pretty great, too. I found me a tasty, tasty Zagnut bar, and then I managed to find the comic book I've been searching for my entire life:

Yeah, it's been a great day. Comic-Non rules!

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