Never allow the cold, hard facts to get in the way of a cockamamie belief

I try not to get too political around here, but I had to share this Daily Show video of Jon Stewart's take on the whole "Obama birth certificate" nonsense:

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It is equally amazing and terrifying what people will choose to believe despite MOUNTAINS of evidence to the contrary.


  1. Only caught the first part of it. Look, I'm a "Libaughian Conservative", (whatever the heck that means) I'm not a fan of Obama or his policies; full disclosure. That said, trying to convince people he's not American born and thus can't be President legally on that ground is just asinine!

    (Feel free not to approve the post. Just had to vent.)

  2. Left and Right don't really figure into this issue. It's more of a "common sense vs. frightening disconnect from reality because you're pants-wettingly afraid of anyone different than you" thing. And that the news media keeps reporting this as a real story just shows how useless they are now (no matter the network-dictated slant... not there should even BE slant of any kind, but don't get me started there).