8 Awesome Things Canada Gave the World

Today is Canada Day, so in honor of the land that celebrates Thanksgiving in October, here are a few of my favorite Canadian contributions to world culture.


Jon K said…
You mean Shatner didn't make the top 5?
Bill D. said…
It was Shatner or The Beachcombers. I stand by my decision.
Siskoid said…
Beachcombers rule!

Douglas Coupland rules!

You Can't Do That on Television... is Canadian? Seeing as I only ever saw it when I spent summers in the States, I am surprised.
I'm with you on the awesomeness of Reboot and You Can't Do That On Television (ignoring the final season), but how does Superman factor in? What am I missing?
Bill D. said…
Siskoid - Yup! Though a lot of it seemed seemed U.S.-centric, it was definitely made in Canada. It's especially noticeable in the early seasons (the Moose/Kevin/Lisa years)... lots of "aboots" flying around.

SW T - Superman co-creator Joe Shuster was originally from Canada.
I didn't know Shuster was Canadian. Learn something new every day.

I DID know that You Can't... was Canadian because it said in the closing credits that it was filmed there. I think they also made Turkey Television, which featured some of the same kids in at least one of the regular skits.