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Sometimes I think the XKCD guy is writing these specifically for me...

Jingle Bells, Chris Pike smells, Spock please change his dressings!

Pretty Sketchy: Kinetix by Flint Lockjaw

Thanks (or maybe apologies) and a few quick Sunday morning links

Comic-Non Day 2: Summer Blockbuster-Related Media Presentation

Comic-Non Day 1: Panels, Candy, and The Greatest Comic Book EVER

Never allow the cold, hard facts to get in the way of a cockamamie belief

Comic-Non International: Let's Get This Out of the Way

Welcome to Comic-Non International!

And you may find yourself behind the console of a small police box...

Giant Leap

Oh, yeah, because that looks SO much better than the big starfish.

I hanker for a hunka links (or at least 4, anyway)

Fear not the vampire loving females, fanboys.

The List: 7/9/09

Pretty Sketchy: We Named the Dog Indiana

Happy Independence Day, America!

By the Power of, um, Bollywood? Maybe?

8 Awesome Things Canada Gave the World