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The List: 6/29/09 - Fresh Off the Stands, Stale from the 50 Cent Bins

Now they're dead and they haven't done anything that they want. Or are they still alive and there's nothing left to do?

And now, a woman playing the theme song to The Edison Twins on a ukelele in her kitchen.

(Kinda Sorta) The List - Batman and Son, The Black Glove, and Batman: R.I.P. (Mostly R.I.P., though)

How's Who #2: The Robots of Death

Happy Father's Day

Pretty Sketchy: Katie Cook asks 'Why so Blue, Beetle?'

Comics Outreach Done Right: Comicopia at Boston's Pride Parade

Preview Review: Parker & Lieber's Underground

Stephen Fry needs to be made king of something.

How's Who? #1 - The Mind Robber

The List: 6/7/09 - DCBS, FCBD, and Stuff Picked Up Along the Way

Lazy Sunday YouTube Blogging: The Powerpuff Girls, Bullwinkle style!

NPR asks why Captain Marvel isn't more famous?