Pretty Sketchy: Kitty Runs on Dunkin'

Pencil sketch of Excalibur-era Kitty Pryde making a pre- (or maybe post-) fight donut run by Michelle Fariss, acquired at NYCC '09. My buddy Dan and I talked with Michelle for a while, and we thought she seemed pretty cool. Coming back to pick up the sketch and seeing what she had come up with - all I asked for was Shadowcat, she added the whole Dunkin Donuts thing herself, and given I live in Rhode Island, where there's a DD every 2 miles as per state law, it was brilliantly appropriate - well, that pretty much proved that she was. And her mini-comics are entertaining, too. I really wish I had picked up more. Check out her work here.

(Regular-ish blogging will hopefully pick up again soon. It's been a hectic few weeks here at TPS World HQ, but with two different work schedule changes and a vacation behind us now, things may revert to more or less normal. I hope.)

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