The patented British "Stiff Upper Lip" in Action: Paul Cornell talks the end of MI13

As has been reported by every other blog in comic book land by now I'm sure, Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk's excellent Marvel book Captain Britain and MI13 is ending with issue #15. Paul broke the news on his blog, and while the whole thing is a terrifically bittersweet send-off, these two paragraphs sum things up best, I think:

Lastly, and this is really important, while we didn’t know this would be the last arc until comparatively recently, I had it in mind that it was possible it would be from the time I started plotting it. Indeed, the end of this arc marks the end of what I had planned for the book when I started. One of the images right at the finish is what I always felt I was heading towards, and I’m very pleased I got there. So: you will get a real, thorough, proper, ending, not just of ‘Vampire State’, but of the whole run. It hasn’t been rushed to fit the space, it hasn’t been compromised, it won’t just suddenly cut off: it’s what I intended. I think the Annual and the two remaining issues finish off one of my best stories in any media, and that story is actually the entirety of Captain Britain and MI-13. You’ll see what I mean a bit more next issue. This is a comic with a proper ending.

I’ve enjoyed writing a monthly comic more than almost anything else I’ve done as a writer. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with all these talented people. I’ve particularly enjoyed becoming one of the gang at Marvel. Please don’t desert us as we approach our ending. I see it as the last three episodes of our last season. So tell your friends, see if they want to catch up, and please join us for an ending where, as I think you saw last issue, literally anything can happen.
Very sad to see such a fantastic book end, but I'm anxious to see how everything comes to a close, and if Paul Cornell's work (outside of his Doctor Who stuff, anyway) was off my radar before, I'll never make that mistake again. Thank you for an excellent run, Paul, Leonard, and everyone else. I'll be sure to raise a pint in your honor.

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