The List: 5/31/09

Short reviewlettes of stuff I've read recently. Maybe slightly spoilery.

Naoki Urasawa'a 20th Century Boys Vol. 2 - The plot really starts to thicken here, with more focus on the sinister than the nostalgia. We learn more about Yukiji, Kenji's relationship with his sister (and why he's so determined to do right by her by raising her daughter), just how deep the Friend's group's roots go, and maybe even the identity of the Friend himself (though I wonder if it's really gonna be that straightforward). Unless some future volume really derails the story that's being set up here, I'm into this series for the long haul.

Batman Confidential #s 26 - 28 - Having Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez drawing this would've been enough to get me to check it out, but including my favorite Batman villain, the Riddler, and introducing a comic book version of my favorite TV Bat-villain, King Tut? I'm not made of stone here. Everything here worked so well... this new Tut certainly pays homage to the TV show (he's even named Victor Goodman, a nod to Victor Buono), but modernized enough to make him into a credible threat (but without making him a too over-the-top, wannabe bad-ass, thankfully), the Riddler gets a lot of good scenes, and it's just so refreshing to see Batman acting like, well, Batman. And Garcia-Lopez's artwork just sings... lots of action and a little bit of cheesecake, two of his specialties. This was four color comfort food, Batman comics like you remember. More, please!

The Discontinuity Guide by Paul Cornell, Martin Day, and Keith Topping - Very fun book pointing out the highs and lows (both technical and story-related) of each episode of the original series of Doctor Who, as well as an attempt to cobble together some sort of comprehensible continuity for the series, which has always been fairly notorious for contradicting itself. Not the best episode guide you'll ever read, since they skip plot summaries after wisely assuming the intended audience already knows such things, but a good read for the longtime fan. How this task didn't drive these men barking insane I'll never know. But of course, maybe it did... Cornell's writing since this originally came out has had some wonderfully mad concepts, after all. Hmmm...

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  1. Ditto for your review of Batman Confidential. Possibly my favorite comics I've read so far this year.