At long last, the worm (re)turns

Stumbled across this on Amazon yesterday:

Oh hells yes. The last time someone collected the complete original Mr. Mind/Monster Society saga, it was in an oversized, black & white, and extremely pricey edition that 13 year old Bill could never hope to actually own (though my local comic shop did have a copy on the shelf for a while, and it was a thing of beauty to behold in person). And it's long out of print and naturally even more expensive now. So this right here? Even though I generally don't think DC needs yet another line of premium hardcovers, this is something I'm going to need to own.

And, of course, it's always a good thing to get more Fawcett era Captain Marvel material back in print, seeing as the Archives have long since petered out, and there's shockingly little Fawcett work in the Shazam: Greatest Stories Ever Told volume (which flies in the face of all logic and common sense, if you ask me, but of course no one ever does!).

December's a long way off, but this will be worth the wait.

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