What to buy, what to buy

So what's everyone ordering from the latest Previews? Well, I'll tell you what you'd be ordering if you happened to be me:

Captain Britain & MI13 #14
Captain Britain & MI13 Annual #1
This has quickly become my favorite book that Marvel is putting out right now, and the only Marvel book I actually buy monthly instead of waiting for the trades. Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk are bringing the awesome superhero action here, and serving it up with a side order of horror and fantasy. Fantastic stuff.

Runaways Vol 8: Dead End Kids digest
Loved Brian K. Vaughn's run on the book, and was curious to read Joss Whedon's quick arc, but wanted to read it in the same digest-sized format in which Vaughn's work was published. At last, my patience has been rewarded. I only hope the story is even marginally worth the wait.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #6

Like Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans Go! before it, I'm not following this tie-in book regularly, but am more than willing to pick up the issues with plots and/or guest stars I'm interested in. Bringing in someone like Kid Eternity is interesting enough, but the cover makes it look like we also get at least a brief helping of J.A.K.E. the G.I. Robot, and I'm all over that.

Mysterius the Unfathomable #6
Good lord, this has been awesome so far, and I'm sad to see it end. Here's hoping for an ongoing, or at least more minis.

AdHouse Books:
Johnny Hiro Vol. 1

Like I said before, If you didn't pick up the issues, you really missed out on something special, so here's your chance to correct that grievous error in judgment, and get two additional issues' worth of all new story besides.

BOOM! Studios:
The Muppet Show #4

Another mini-series that needs to be a regular thing, because Roger Langridge's take on The Muppet Show just might be as good as the genuine article. And given the high esteem in which I hold The Muppet Show, I don't say that lightly.

The Incredibles: Family Matters #4
If I can't get more Mark Waid Fantastic Four, this is the next best thing. Recognizably Waid, but never strays from the feel of the source material. Fun stuff.

Unknown #2
More Waid. Buying this miniseries blind, but the solicit copy compares it to Ruse, which might be my favorite Mark Waid work ever. Sure, he's known for the superhero stuff, but he can write quite a good mystery when he's of a mind to, too (Which reminds me, I really need to pick up that Potter's Field collection one of these days.).

Stuff that Missed the Cut:
Batman & Robin #1
- I loved Morrison and Quitely on All Star Superman, but I've been through all this "replacement Batman" hoo-hah before and I don't care to relive it, thank you. If I hear it's good, I'll check out the collected edition.

You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation - Oh, how I loved that first Fletcher Hanks collection, but I just don't have the money right now. This will be mine eventually, though, I swear it.

Nexus: As It Happened Vol. 1 - At long last, affordable collections of Nexus. This is a good thing. However, Steve Rude's new publishing effort has thus far released, what, one out of 5 or 6 solicited issues of the new Nexus series? I don't like those odds. I'll gladly pick this up when I know it actually comes to pass, but I'm not going to spend money to pre-order what could well be another vaporback book.


  1. Mysterius was a mini?!

    Am I just not checking the corner of the covers, or are they retconning low sellers to make them appear less unsuccessful?

  2. As far as I know, it was always a mini, but both Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler have expressed an interest in doing more Mysterius stories if this first series did well.