The TARDIS is out there?

I take all Doctor Who casting rumors with a grain shaker giant economy-sized bag of salt, but I do think it'd be pretty cool to see Gillian Anderson as a regenerated Rani.

I mean, the report is from The Daily Telegraph as opposed to, say, The Sun, but still... until I at least see a BBC announcement and accompanying in-costume publicity photos, well, I'll remain skeptical.


  1. Didn't the Telegraph publish a Paul Cornell Christmas Doctor Who story once? That puts it well above the Sun in terms of credibility (well, the Sun has like, none).

    Seeing as they're also talking about bringing back the Monk, it might look like Moffat is going to resurrect the Time Lords in some way (or RTD, it could be the finale's big game changer).

    Nice geeky casting.

  2. It'd be hard not to have more credibility than The Sun, I'd think. It does, however, provide young boys with easy access to pictures of mostly naked women, so they do serve some function, I suppose.

    Man, I'd love to see the Monk come back. As often as they used the Master, and seeing that the Rani showed up twice (three times if you count Dimensions in Time), I always thought it strange that they never brought back the Monk (though maybe he never got his TARDIS fixed?). Or the War Chief, for that matter.

  3. They did bring him back.

    After The Time Meddler, he appeared in The Daleks' Master Plan, but never again after that.