Pretty Sketchy: OUTRAGEOUS!

Hate to do one of these while the last one is still visible on the first page, but it's been a light content month and I want to put something up, and besides, this is just damn cool and I want to share it ASAP.

A Batman: The Brave and the Bold- style Aquaman by Michael Schwartz, who draws a fun undersea adventure webcomic called Oceanverse. I've been on an Aquaman kick lately thanks to this cartoon, and when I had the chance to get a commission from Michael, I figured a classic-styled Aquaman (i.e., no long hair or hook hand) would be right in his wheelhouse. And when he replied asking if he could draw something closer to the version from B:tBatB, well, I knew he'd bring the awesome.

That poor octopus makes me laugh every damn time I look at it.


  1. That is just so awesome! Love it!

  2. Don't feel bad for the Octopus...he is getting just what he deserves.