The List: 6/26/09

Brief thoughts about things I've read recently. Rarely current, barely pertinent, but at least it's quick.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #4 - Like I said yesterday, the opening sequence contains the greatest team-up in DC history, but the main story is pretty fun, too, featuring Batman and the Sensational Character Rediscovery of 2008 teaming up to travel through time and fight dinosaurs, Roman legionnaires, cavemen, and a villain I only know from her Who's Who entry. Some cool cameos, too. Good reading for both you and the kiddos.

Micronauts (1st series) #s 21-25
- This book frequently flips between space opera in the subatomic Microverse and a riff on Irwin Allen's Land of the Giants whenever the Micronauts travel into the regular Marvel universe. This run falls into the latter category, as our currently action figure-sized adventurers face off against some third string super-villains, sleepy truckers, and some dude robbing a McDonald's (it reads better than it sounds). But there are "Tales of the Microverse" back up stories talking about concurrent events happening back in their own dimension, so you get the former, too. Bill Mantlo brings all things to all people in his unique melodramatic, scene-chewing style (and with a surprising amount of barely concealed inter-Micronaut humpin'... apparently they learned early on that it wasn't the kids buying this toy tie-in book). Great pencil work from Pat Broderick, easily on par with the Michael Golden issues that some claim are the only ones worth reading. Their loss.

Spider-Man: Brand New Day Vol. 3 - I had already read most of this volume before, since I bought the Paper Doll arc off the stands for the Marcos Martin artwork, but for once, I didn't mind rebuying the material, since it's still a good, fast-paced read (and the artwork is still gorgeous, 'natch), and it flows into the second story featuring the Enforcers so well. Maybe this isn't Great Spider-Man, only Very Good Spider-Man, but it's been so long since we've had even Decently Readable Spider-Man that I'll take it.

Criminal Vol. 1: Coward - Oooh, Ed Brubaker (& Sean Phillips) and noir go together like peanut butter and jelly. Gritty, gritty jelly. Fascinating study of a bad person who still operates by a very strict code of honor and conduct, as he knows all too well what happens when you work outside the rules. Relentlessly grim, and not a happy ending in sight, but compelling. I literally couldn't get to the next page fast enough. Might actually be better than the hype.

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