The List: 3/15/09: Library books, cheap bin finds, and yes, still more NYCC swag

Say it with me, class: brief thoughts about recently read comics. Possible spoilers, so read with caution, will ya?

Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Vol. 1 - Once you take out the "HOLY SHIT!" character reveals - and let's face it, by now, they've all been spoiled - what we're left with here is a fairly by-the-numbers Big Ol' Space War, which would seem like old hat to me even if I hadn't just read Annihilation (which does a better job at Big Ol' Space War, anyway). And, of course, knowing that Blackest Night and the battle between the Rainbow Coalition of Various Lanterns is on the way, it's hard to miss the rather hamfisted foreshadowing in the dialogue of just about every character. Even if I had read this when it was coming out, I don't think I'd have enjoyed it, because I don't like the way Geoff Johns confuses manufactured shocks and Big Happenings for sory.

Adventure Comics #0 - I have that first Legion story reprinted several times over, but the DC solicits promised Really Important Things would happen in the back half of the book (and besides, DCBS had it for only 50 cents). More the fool me for believing that, I suppose. Luthor takes control of Brainiac, but Brainiac is really controlling Luthor... yeah, I saw those episodes of Superman and Justice League Unlimited, too. And the reveal at the end that's supposed to excite me for Blackest Night... it doesn't. That'll teach me not to waste 50 cents like that again.

Content #2 - This is written and drawn by Xeric-winner G.B. Tran, and let me tell you, this is some fantastic comics right here. Several story threads - a Vietnamese woman making a life for her family here in America, the search for romance, a trip abroad, and the true story of what happens to lost cell phones, among others - play out and intermingle in a variety of interesting, almost stream-of-consciousness ways, with the art often going off in equally unique directions, surreal but never distracting. There's a scene on a crowded subway car where a man is trying to get closer to the girl of his dreams, and he pushes through not just a crowd of people, but their conversations, literally shoving aside word balloons... my jaw was on the floor there. Simple but wonderful idea, brilliantly executed. Go to his site and buy this. You won't be sorry.

New Mutants Special Edition - I do love striking gold in the cheap bins, and that's just what this was. Not that I've ever been a big New Mutants fan, but come on... it's the first part of that "Loki kidnaps Storm to make her Asgard's new Goddess of Thunder" storyline. There's lots of swordfights. Various characters look like Popeye, Fred Flintstone, Ed Grimley, Optimus Prime, Gumby, and even Remington Steele & Laura Holt. All accompanied by the breathless purple prose of Chris Claremont (and his assuredly-perpetually-hand-cramped letterer Tom Orzechowski) and the pencils of Art Adams. This has to be one of the 3 or 4 Most 80s-ish comic books ever, and it was an amazingly fun read. Maybe not your bag, but only if you don't enjoy things that are good. What's your problem, anyway?

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