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Pretty Sketchy: One Brave (and Bold) Wildcat

If you're not related to me, feel free to ignore this post.

Morrissey's Noncore

In which I discover that such a thing as "a good Ghost Rider comic book" can exist.

Johnny Hiro collection due from AdHouse in June

Bizy, Backson.

Lazy Saturday YouTube Blogging - The Daleks! And some guy...

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The List: 3/15/09: Library books, cheap bin finds, and yes, still more NYCC swag

Lazy Thursday YouTube Blogging - Aquaman in "Menace of the Black Manta"

Why yes, he is OUTRAGEOUS!

Pretty Sketchy: Girl? Check. Slingshot? Um, around here somewhere...

My Very Patient Wife Reviews Watchmen

My super-short, spoiler-free, illness-addled Watchmen review

The List: 3/3/09 - The Library, DCBS, and still more NYCC

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Five reasons you'd do well to check out Captain Britain and MI13