Oh yeah, Valentine's Day.


Happy belated Valentine's Day, folks. Seeing as I usually work the night of Valentine's Day, Erin and I usually end up making up a holiday of our own somewhere else down the line. Makes it more special, and it's way easier to get a restaurant reservation. So this year, when I'm actually not working on Valentine's... we decide to keep doing our own thing, anyway, and actually spent the day going to Ikea and helping some friends prep and paint the new house they just bought. Our dinner was McDonald's take-out eaten on the ride home. Very romantic, I'm sure you'll agree.

We did already give each other gifts, though. I got Erin Morrissey tickets, she got me Herbie Archives Vol. 2, and we got Liam action figures of Yoshi from Super Mario Brothers and his now-beloved Wildcat, as well as a slew of candy he promptly ate for breakfast (we're stellar parents). So we played by the rules somewhat, I suppose, but A.) we opted to give each other things we actually wanted rather than the typical "romantic" gifts, and B.) we still like our own day better.

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