The Dig List: 1/12/09

Quick reactions to things I've read lately, go!

Beanworld Holiday Special - Okay, so the holiday content of this issue doesn't extend any farther than the cover. But who cares, it's new Beanworld, people! Woot (and Hoka Hoka Hey)! And thankfully, it's a pretty entry level story, with just enough detail to get the newbies interested and the returning folks reminded, but it doesn't get bogged down with "For those who came in late..." stuff, either. A fantastic reintroduction to the series, and it definitely has be excited for the new collections (and brand new stories) coming down the line.

Spider-Man: Brand New Day Vol. 2 - I still can't decide if the BND Spidey is really that good, or just so much more readable than we were used to that it merely appears to be. Either way, more fun stories from the so-called Spidey Brain Trust, though a little uneven. The Bob Gale / Phil Jimenez story with ever-evolving drug addict monster Freak wore thin after a while - wow, did I get tired of that dude shouting about wanting "china white;" find a new heroin nickname, Bob! - but the Zeb Wells story with all the Mayans was pretty exciting, and gorgeously drawn by Chris Bachalo. But all-in-all, still a fun ride. Count me in for Volume 3.

Blue Beetle #34 - Sigh. Oh, Blue Beetle. You've been my favorite book for a while now, but as we count down to your final issue, I can't help but think maybe you overstayed your welcome a bit. Not that this storyline was bad, but it's clear that Matthew Sturges attempted to echo the voice of John Rogers on this book rather than try and find his own, and well, maybe I've made this metaphor before, but I'm grow weary of "tribute band" comic book writing pretty quickly these days. I'm in to the end (though the final issues promise some sort of massacre... greeeeeeaaaat), but it's more out of inertia and remembrance of better times, I think.

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #3 - Finding that an issue of this has come out is always a pleasant surprise. But given that I'm feeling this way at only the third issue makes me think they should have had Kunkel get several of these in the can before they solicited even the first one. But still, it's very fun comics, and I like the voice and humor he's giving to the Big Red Cheese and his associated hangers-on (Kunkel's smarty-pants Mary Marvel is particularly great). Exactly the sort of treatment these characters need. Heartily recommended... whenever there's actually one to buy, anyway.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade #1 - I thought this was kinda fun, too. Recaps the standard Supergirl origin story with some modern (and audience appropriate) tweaks, but gets all that business out of the way pretty quickly so that we can get straight to the business of Kara trying (and usually failing) to fit in with the incredibly alien world of middle school (think about it... is 8th grade the place you'd really want to be if you didn't know the first thing about your new home's history, technology, or even currency?). Might be a little too cute for some, but it's heart is in the right place.

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