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Christmas is for Kaiju (and everyone else who wants to celebrate)

It's Almost Christmas!

Nostalgia Chow: More Childhood TV Moments

Men of steel, chins of hugeness

Iron in his thighs? Um, Hercules, you might want to have that checked. Could lead to a clot.

Pretty Sketchy: Brainiac 5 by Andrew Charipar

And then there was the time Atari ruined everyone's Christmas.

For Your (Re)Consideration: Superman 3

So this one time Batman wore Plastic Man as a boot and kicked a guy so hard...

Forever late to the (holiday) party...

So where's this guy's Christmas special?

Better Late Than Never Reviews: Rhode Island Slush Storm Edition

Lazy Monday YouTube Blogging of the Holiday Variety: Mr. Bean and the Nativity

Getting Hooked Part 8: Accidentally Alternative

Hot Button Comics Internet Discussion Issue of the Moment!


Pretty Sketchy: Boy Wonder

Four Color Ones and Zeroes: Comics on the iPod Touch

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wieringo Wednesday - Several Swine, No Flu

Better Late Than Never Reviews - 11/24 Edition

Sigh... okay, let's go over this one more time.

Hip to be Dimensionally Transcendental?

Making the (Lego) Band & the Brave and the Big Red Cheese



B is for Belated: Happy Birthday, Sesame Street

Better Late Than Never Reviews - Maybe Still a Touch Swiney Edition

Down with the sickness

Pretty Sketchy: Kitty Pryde and Wolverine by Pat Loika

The way life should be? Yeah, not so much.

Happy Birthday, Steve Ditko!

Lazy Monday YouTube Blogging: 1, 2, 3, 4 chickens just back from the shore

Not sure if we were dynamic, but we were definitely a duo.

Happy Halloween!

Wieringo Wednesday: Long Live the Legion!

You've got the Touch (almost)

Happy Wonder Woman Day

Pretty Sketchy: It's Clobberin' Time!

So long, Soupy.

How's Who #5: The Mutant Phase