Splitting Sequential Hairs

So New York Comic Con has announced that Mike "Gabe" Krahulik & Jerry "Tycho" Holkins from Penny Arcade are going to be among the Guests of Honor at the con in February. The email I received that announced this bills them as the first "non-comic guests of honor." (emphasis mine)


Is there really such a difference between webcomics and print & staple comics, or between strips and books for that matter, that the creators of one of the most popular strips, web or print, in the world today are considered unrelated to "comics"? And yeah, they've certainly moved into other areas of endeavor... there's their video game, the annual Penny Arcade Expo, and their charity Child's Play, they still, you know, make comics. Regularly.

Not trying to make an issue out of an odd wording choice here... I'll leave that to the Newsarama trolls, thanks. But still, it is an odd wording choice.

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