The Five Doctors, Twitter-style

As it snowed Sunday morning, my son wanted to watch The Five Doctors for about the gazillionth time (I've truly created a monster). In an attempt to make it more interesting for myself, I grabbed my wife's laptop and decided to live-Twitter my reactions. Only ended up costing me one Twitter follower, so I figured either A.) what I wrote wasn't all that terrible; or B.) very few people were paying attention, most folks probably sleeping in. Well, in a desperate bid for holiday week blog fodder, I give you the highlights of my typin' frenzy.

Yeah, that's right. Highlights. These are actually the good bits.

Live-twittering The Five Doctors until I get bored. Join me, won't you?
Love the opening Hartnell moment. Probably the only Hartnell moment I enjoy at all, actually. The Eye of Orion looks like Scotland. I can see why they'd be so keen on it then! Fake First Doctor is Fake. Happiness is a 3 year old trying to repeat the 5th Doctor's line about cosmic angst - "Just a twinga gosmicgangst" The Brig looks pretty dapper in civilian clothes. And Patrick Troughton is all kinds of rad. I wish BBC hadn't destroyed most of his run Jon Pertwee's pronunciation makes me smile. "Great Ballths of Fie-ah!" Bessie is such a fantastic car. I got to sit in her when that traveling Doctor Who exhibit came to town in the 80s. Real geek out moment. Enter Oddly Whiny & Un-Hip Sarah Jane. Seriously, who decided to write and dress her so out of character for this? One of these days I'm gonna look up Owen Chadwick so I know who Doctor 4 (direct from Shada) is talking about. The most amazing thing about Lalla Ward's Romana is that she could still be cute and funny in some of the worst costumes ever. Maybe if our "mystery" villain would just try harder to adjust the time scoop tracking, he could get 4 out of that vortex. The TARDIS is paralyzed! In other news, it's Tuesday. Cue the Time Lords in funny hats! So, wait, Borusa is played by a different guy every time we see him... he blows through lives faster than the Doctor & the Master combined! "And when I say drop, drop. Understood?" Nope, please clear that up for me, Fake 1. See, fandom? Susan totally recognizes Gallifrey. She *is* a Time Lady. Look out, Sarah Jane... don't fall down that tiny inclined surface! Anyone else ever think this was all just an elaborate plot by 5 to try and ditch Tegan & Turlough? Yes, you *might* be the original Doctor, but for the fact that you're not. Susan, stop making eyes at 5... he's your GRANDFATHER!!! Ick. Pertwee: "Another regeneration?" Ainley (slyly): "Not exactly." Heh. Love their exchange. 5 and Tegan take the appearance of the Cybermen pretty calmly, considering the whole Adric thing. Don't trip over that clearly avoidable rock, Sus... oh, too late. "No, not the mind PROBE!" "Easy as Pi" Death Chessboard comes with coins and slaughtered Cybermen. Other figures & accessories sold separately. New from GalliFun! Oh, wow, I just noticed that Sarah Jane's jacket has mittens on an idiot string. As if the frills weren't bad enough? Wow, spectral Mike Yates and Liz Shaw aged terribly. Spectral Zoe is wearing tights, Ugg boots, and bubble wrap. Belted bubble wrap. Because she's from the future, see. "Tegan." "Sarah." With an introduction and a handshake, a band is born! The Cybermen's attempt to blow up the TARDIS might have been more effective if it maybe didn't take 'em 3 days to set it up. Borusa is pretty non-plused considering the Doctor just caught him in a black gown, playing with dolls. 3 just reversed the polarity of the neutron flow. If this were a drinking game, we'd all have to finish our drinks now. I'm glad they deepened Rassilon's voice for the newer editions of this... his original voice sounded like the Sentry of Emerald City. Bitchin' Rollie Fingers mustache on Rassilon, though... you've gotta give the man that. TIme for the inter-Doctor goodbyes. I love how 5 is so embarrassed by his past selves. Another thing I like about the updated version... they all go back home via time scoop pyramids, not awkward TARDIS cut-outs. More Time Lords in funny hats, woo-hoo! Weird electoral process Gallifrey has: "well, the old guy's gone, so we're just gonna make you president, Doctor. Cool?" You know, I think given the opportunity, most people would run from being president. "...after all, that's how it all started." Nice little sentiment to end on, I think. And this mix of original-theme-into-Davison-theme is one of my favorite versions. And cue the ending "THOOM!"


  1. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Oh hell yeah. Both on this post and on your kid being a budding Whovian. Dad must be proud. :)

    Richard Hurndall (aka Not The First Doctor) wasn't bad... really, but the First Doctor had a dark impishness about him at his best that we don't see here at all. It's missed. Pat Troughton is by far my favorite Doctor, for the record.

  2. I didn't mind Hurndall so much back before I had watched any Hartnell, but after that, he really started to grate on me. The Hurndall version is all crabbiness, much more Ebeneezer Scrooge than the sort of crotchety but sly grandfather figure of Hartnell.

    Also, clearly Hurndall remembered all his lines and never stalled for time even once, and what's more un-Hartnell than that? ;)