And now a message from Deee-Lite all the way from 1992 via the magic of time travel (and YouTube):

I'm not gonna tell you who or what I think you should vote for (unless you live in California, in which case you really need to vote No on Proposition 8, because that shit's just hateful), but just make sure you get out to the polls Tuesday, okay? Don't let Lady Miss Kier from 16 years ago down, okay?

(And Florida, if you mess this one up again - and I don't mean by voting for the wrong candidate, I mean truly misunderstanding the basic mechanics of voting itself - I'm gonna drive down there, saw you off at the border like Bugs Bunny did that time, and kick your whole state off to sea. Just see if I don't!)


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  2. So I think we can be safely certain that wasn't really Juliana Hatfield.