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Stop me if you've heard this one before... so there's this planet Krypton, right?

Pretty Sketchy: Scuba Frog

Some things I'm thankful for.

Stuff and nonsense on the comics internet

Even Lazier Sunday YouTube Blogging: Prime Time TV, Sesame Street style

Lazy Sunday YouTube Blogging: Docteur Qui

The Dig List - The Quarter Box Edition

Alas, poor Jaime.

Finally, something about pirates that's actually kinda cool.

Sadly, the single greatest free-form Lego creation I have made in over 32 years of life.

Happy Veterans Day

Pretty Sketchy - Supergirl by Alex Robinson

The Dig List - 11/9/08

Sunday Morning YouTubing - Catchy Songs My Son is Obsessed With

It's... wait, let me check... late afternoon in America.

Follow the election live-ish