The Dig List (10/14/08) will kill you with bullets!

All together now: short reactions to stuff I've read and enjoyed lately.

Legion of Super-Heroes (current) #s 37-42 - I was trade waiting on these, but with the announcement that this was ending at #50, I figured I'd catch up with the issues instead. And so far, it's really good. Good enough, in fact, that it's a shame it'll be ending so soon. Jim Shooter may have made his share of enemies through the years, but for my money the man can still write a damn fine Legion yarn, and one that's an interesting mix of styles at that. The whole Wild in the Streets-ish "teen movement" backdrop of the Waid and Bedard runs is still there in the background, but there's a swing back to a more traditional type of LSH storytelling here, too... one that I've missed a lot more than I might have initially thought. And there's some very subtle retconning going on here, too... suddenly Colossal Boy is back to being from Earth, and the Flight Rings are back to being co-developed by Invisible Kid. Doesn't seem like editorial oversight, either. Hmm... Anyway, Shooter is writing this well, and the Francis Manapul artwork is just gorgeous, so it's too bad to see DC pull the plug. I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts, I suppose.

Tales from the Bully Pulpit Vol. 1 - Okay, so I'm four years late in picking this up, mostly because I didn't want to pay the initial $6.99 cover price, and then because I could never actually find a copy later on. But I did - and at a significant discount to boot - and I'm happy to say it was totally worth the wait. And you know, it may have actually been worth the 7 clams, too. I mean, I'm glad I got it for less, but still. As for the story, dig it: Teddy Roosevelt and the ghost of Thomas Edison use H.G. Wells' time machine to save Mars from the descendant of Adolph Hitler. Honestly, if that concept isn't something you want - nay, need - to read, then I don't think we can be internet friends anymore. Benito Cereno and Graeme MacDonald are allegedly working on a second volume, "Legend of the Black Maria," and honestly, it can't happen soon enough.

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1 - I haven't been reading Final Crisis or any of the tie-ins (though I'm anxiously awaiting the collected edition of Legion of Three Worlds), but a book where Grant Morrison waxes meta about Superman with gorgeous Doug Mahnke art in 3D? Yeah, look, I'm not made of stone here, people. And while I don't think it worked 100% - the ideas in Morrison's head weren't translated to the page in as clear a manner as they could have been, a fault in both the story and the art - it was still lots of fun. Come on, Supermen of many worlds, including Captain Marvel and a Captain Atom by way of Dr. Manhattan (who was by way of Captain Atom to begin with) travelling The Bleed in, essentially, the Beatles' Yellow Submarine, which we view through glasses that we're told are made from Superman's "four dimensional" armor? What part of that doesn't ooze awesome, people? Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Corps #0 - Now, while I haven't read much of Rick Remender's work, I do hold a grudge against him for bleeding all of the joy out of All New Atom and killing my interest in it but good in the space of a single issue (and I couldn't have been the only one, since the book itself died about 5 or so issues later). I keep being told that I need to check out Fear Agent, but I've been hesitant because of my grudgliness. But I think it speaks well of the man's talent that he was able to fashion a story around one of the most memorably lame G.I. Joe knock-off toylines of all time and not only make it readable, but actually kinda fun (and, as Sims said, there's some dialogue in this thing that just spills over with fantastically silly greatness). Short on story, true, but it's only 99 cents, so it's not like you're out a lot of dough, and seeing the layout roughs in the back is a nice, unusual touch for this sort of thing. I have to admit, I'm actually kinda curious to see how (and/or if) the ongoing is going to work. Well-played, Remender. Maybe I'll be giving Fear Agent a shot after all.


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