September Previews Thoughts (such as they are)

Maybe it's just because the various companies are saving all the good stuff for December in the hopes of getting your Birthiversmas* dollar, but it sure seemed like the September Previews catalog (containing items theoretically shipping in November) set out some pretty weak sauce. Here's the lowdown of what I'm ordering for the month:

Blue Beetle #33 - So far, so good Matt Sturges. Let's keep it up!

Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century #20 - Sadly, the last issue. I can see where it doesn't make much business sense to keep publishing a book that ties in to a (just as unfortunately) canceled cartoon, but still, this was fun, and I hate to see it go.

Showcase Presents the Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 2 - My backlist pick of the month. Don't have Volume 1 yet, but I have the first 4 Archives, and this actually reprints past the point where Vol. 4 leaves off, so I'ma want it. Probably trade the Archives up (or would it technically be down?) for the first Showcase at some point if they continue to pump 'em out.

Drawn & Quarterly
Or Else #5 - I still haven't caught the Kevin Huizenga bug like the rest of the comics bloggyverse seems to have, but I'm willing to keep trying. So maybe I'm slowly catching on after all? We'll see.

Grant Morrison's Doctor Who #2 - Like I said last month, so glad to get a chance to read these without tracking down DW Monthly issues or paying Panini's inflated import collection prices. And with just two issues (this is just a 2 issue thing, yes?), a trade seems unlikely.

Oni Press
Blue Monday Vol. 3: Inbetween Days - I have the trades for all of Chynna Clugston's other awesome Blue Monday mini-series, but I managed to miss this one somehow (probably because this was the only one I bought the initial issues for), so I'm glad for the opportunity to scoop it up now. And there's, at long last, a new mini starting up, too, but I'll wait for the collection on that one, and maybe even buy it in a timely fashion for once.

SuperReal Graphics
SRG Presents Wolves of Odin One-Shot - I'll just let the solicitation copy do the speaking here:
From Lucasfilm artist Grant Gould (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) comes the story of the war between Vikings and werewolves in this debut graphic novella! The rise of Christianity among the north-men has frustrated Odin, Father of the Norse Gods. Out of jealousy and anger, he has transformed three of his most loyal berserkers into unstoppable beasts, and set them loose upon his traitorous 'followers.' Thor, God of Thunder, takes it upon himself to challenge his father's madness by aiding a loyal warrior of his own - the Viking Tyr. Along with the help of a witch and two strangers, Tyr must face the wolves and realize his own destiny!
Doesn't that sound awesome? Doesn't that also sound like still more proof that some comics are written specifically for Chris Sims? The odds of Viking-on-werewolf face kicking have got to be pretty high here.

Stuff that sounded interesting, but didn't make the cut:

The Ruse Omnibus from Checker Books was very tempting, as it was the one Crossgen book I followed, and though I left when Mark Waid did, I've always been curious about the stories that came later. But this only reprints to, I think, #17, which means that I wouldn't be getting that much new-to-me material, and that any second volume to complete the series would be much slimmer in comparison. Also, it's pricey, and even with the DCBS discount knocking it down to $20, it's still a budget breaker. I'll just keep haunting the cheap bins to read the rest for now.

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas... yes, definitely. But I'll be waiting for the collection on that. If Dark Horse's handling of the original series is any indication, that wait won't be too long.

Spy School #1 from Kronos Entertainment sounded interesting, but there's no promo material that I could find, nor does the publisher have a website. As much as the Queen & Country Definitive Edition trades have me pumped for more good espionage comics, I don't have the money or patience to go into a book completely blind these days. Plus, that just seems like shoddy marketing-fu to me.

* The holiday season consisting of our wedding anniversary, my wife's birthday, and Christmas. But you all knew that since you celebrate it faithfully every year, right?

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