A reminder to DC Direct statue customers.

It might behoove you to remember that, all issues of transformative magic lightning and whatever crazy storyline may currently be running aside, Mary Marvel is an underage girl. So if you buy this:

don't be surprised if you one day receive a visit like this:

Think about it, won't you?


  1. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Ah yes. the "Fantasy and Fiction = Reality" point of view.

    Reminds me of my Uncle Mark. We dont see him very often. He's sedated out of his gourd and locked away so he wont try and recreate scenes from "Rambo: First Blood" any more.

    *Shakes Head*

    That was a bad day for the UK police.

  2. And if you buy a romance novel where a pirate kidnaps a woman and then falls in love with her, remember that kidnapping and piracy are illegal!

    Also, if you think vampires are sexy, remember that necrophilia and biting people is illegal!

    If you buy comics with people punching and shooting each other, don't be surprised if you are arrested for punching and shooting people!

  3. Hey, if you like that sort of thing, fine.

    Just notify me before you move into my neighborhood, please.

  4. Would you like to be notified whenever some guy who found the underage Brittany sexy? Because I think you are going to find a lot of announcements. Or rather, I should say, they are already in your neighborhood.

    While we have made laws that protect children from being abused in the sense that older people with power can take advantage of young women who would probably be better off waiting to become sexually active, it is not true that men have stopped lusting after young women (or old girls, if you prefer.) Studies have found that universally, across all nations, the image most lusted after is that of a young woman who appears to have crossed past puberty. Lust is not a crime and a statuette is not likely to be taken advantage of.

    Btw, I’m gay and don’t find the statuette attractive at all, but being gay, I do know a little about being demonized for my sexuality, like you are doing to the perfectly normal guys who like the look of the statuette but who aren’t child abusers or rapists.

  5. Anonymous1:46 PM

    If the sculpted body actually looked like an underage girl, you might have a point.

    How old is she these days, anyway? I always assumed that she was supposed to be older than Captain Marvel Junior, and he seems to be an adult now. When was the last time her age was specified?