Less and less has been appealing to me in the ol' Diamond Comics Previews catalog these past few months, but a few things caught my eye (for good or ill) during my first quick glance through the October solicitations, so let's go over those, shall we?

(Not that I'm necessarily buying everything here, it's just stuff I think is worth talking about.)

(Also, I look at this stuff online, so no page numbers; sorry!)

Dark Horse
Beanworld Holiday Special and Beanworld HC Vol. 1: Wahoolazuma - Like I said last week, I'm pretty excited about these. I'm a bit annoyed that Dark Horse is indeed soliciting this further in advance than is necessary (Most stuff in this Previews ships in December, this book comes out in February), but a minor quibble, as getting Beanworld back into print, and getting new material in the form of the holiday special, is fantastic news indeed.

Batman: RIP Deluxe Edition HC - I'll probably wait until I can find this at the library, but I've heard enough interesting comments about this run that I'm definitely curious to check it out. And there's more Club of Heroes stuff in this story, right? Does that mean we get more of The Squire? She's awesome.

Justice League of America: The Lightning Saga TPB - Wait, this is only just now coming out in paperback? Jeez, DC! At least when Marvel insists on their silly Premiere Hardcovers, they only make you wait another 3 or so months for the trade.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade - Alright, so I'm pretty far out of the intended demographic for this one, but these new superheroey Johnny DC books have all been very strong so far, and this can't help but be a better take on the Girl of Steel than the constant soft-reboots they've been trying on the current mainline DCU version to make her more likable to anyone.

Spider-Man: Noir and X-Men: Noir - You know, these actually sound kinda fun. X-Men as a hard-boiled detective piece and Spidey as a pulp hero... they could work, you know? If there's money in the budget, I may have to check these out. Hate the $3.99 price tags, though. Could be a real deal breaker there.

What If: Newer Fantastic Four - The Walt Simonson/Art Adams "New Fantastic Four" story has always been a favorite of mine, and the What If special featuring the characters that was produced as a Mike Wieringo tribute this year was a lot of fun, too (thanks in large part to writer Jeff Parker), so I'm interested in this one, especially since Paul Tobin is writing it. For as much as I am Jeff Parker's bitch when it comes to comics writing these days, I am equally Tobin's.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - I don't but these Marvel literary adaptations in monthly format - or at all, actually - but I'm interested in this based on the Skottie Young preview images alone. I'll wait for the trade, most likely, but damn, this looks fantastic.

Disney Press
Wonderland HC - I always meant to get around to picking up this Alice in Wonderland prequel mini-series when Slave Labor Graphics published it originally, as I love me some Sonny Liew artwork (and what I saw of this looked incredible), but never did. What did folks think... worth picking up?

Aaaaaaand... that's it, mostly, barring the regular books I get (why reiterate those month after month?). Surprisingly weak sauce for the December issue. Which is good, because it's not like I have the cash to spend on a lot of comics these days, but still, it's disappointing.

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