New Beanworld. New Beanworld! NEW BEANWORLD!

It's been reported elsewhere, but it bears repeating.

According to Larry Marder's blog, we're getting this...

the Beanworld Holiday Special in December, which is all new material and in color, no less. A very happy holiday gift indeed.


Come February, we also get this...

the new Beanworld hardcover collection, Larry Marder's Beanworld Vol. 1: Wahoolazuma, which reprints the first 9 issues for $19.95. While I'm hesitant to rush right out and re-buy material I already own, I'm sure I'll cave on it because Dark Horse tends to do a great job on these sorts of things, what new supplemental material there is may be interesting, and because I'm fussy enough that when this series gets to reprinting the stories that weren't in the original 4 trade paperbacks from the 90s, I'll want everything to match up together nicely.

Also, I'm proud of Dark Horse issuing a hardcover reprint collection for considerably less than the $49.95 price tag they seem so fond of lately, and I feel their rare, commendable restraint should be rewarded. Now if they don't advance solicit the thing ridiculously early, I'll be happy as can be.

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