Lazy Tuesday YouTube Blogging - Palabra Jot, Palabra Jot.

It still amazes me how little I'm *not* able to find on YouTube. Just the tiniest bit of digging and you'll inevitably find yet another formerly long lost childhood memory. Here's the beginning of a PBS show I remember watching a lot as a kid - sometimes even in school - called The Write Channel (and it's in surprisingly good quality for a change... go enterprising YouTube uploader!).

And here's an ending segment (no middle to be found, but every episode was just R.B. Bug tracking down his next thoroughly uninteresting story, getting some grammar help from that Red Green lady, and then revising until just about the last minute, exclaiming "Oh no! Red needs this story RIGHT NOW!") featuring the part of the show encouraging all you kids to write, The Club. Say the motto with me... Palabra Jot, Palabra Jot. Now, watch!

I think we actually did write endings to a couple of these stories in school in the second or third grade and even sent them in to good ol' R.B. So I guess I'm an official member of the Club. Never did get my very own official pencil sharpener, though.