Lazy Tuesday YouTube Blogging - Palabra Jot, Palabra Jot.

It still amazes me how little I'm *not* able to find on YouTube. Just the tiniest bit of digging and you'll inevitably find yet another formerly long lost childhood memory. Here's the beginning of a PBS show I remember watching a lot as a kid - sometimes even in school - called The Write Channel (and it's in surprisingly good quality for a change... go enterprising YouTube uploader!).

And here's an ending segment (no middle to be found, but every episode was just R.B. Bug tracking down his next thoroughly uninteresting story, getting some grammar help from that Red Green lady, and then revising until just about the last minute, exclaiming "Oh no! Red needs this story RIGHT NOW!") featuring the part of the show encouraging all you kids to write, The Club. Say the motto with me... Palabra Jot, Palabra Jot. Now, watch!

I think we actually did write endings to a couple of these stories in school in the second or third grade and even sent them in to good ol' R.B. So I guess I'm an official member of the Club. Never did get my very own official pencil sharpener, though.


  1. I remember watching this in the second grade. We used to giggle at the sound effects during the revision sessions.

  2. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Mmm. Got one for ya.

    Old PBS show called Powerhouse, about a bunch of kids in the city who took an old fire house and made it into some sort of clubhouse for some reason.

    Nowhere to be found, and no one remembers it, except there was one kid called Lolo on it. I know that much.

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    GeekUSA, I used to watch that every afternoon on PBS. Eventually, it was picked up by Nickelodeon back when they didn't show cartoons.

    Lolo's full name was Lolo Knopke. A girl nicknamed Pepper constantly flirted with/teased him. He belonged to a synagogue that was vandalized by skinheads.

    The only part I didn't dig so much were the animated PSAs in the middle of the show. Even then, I felt it interrupted the stories.

    So there's at least one other person who remembers.

    -De (I'm on someone else's laptop today)

  4. I remember Powerhouse, too, and like De, I watched it on when Nickelodeon re-ran it. I only remember a few episodes, though... the first episode where the lady who ran Powerhouse was framed for drug possession, one where Pepper became a one-episode teenage alcoholic, one where one of the guys went to extreme lengths to lose weight, and this one where someone was trying to kill Lolo right before his bar mitsvah.

    That last one really sticks out in my memory, because as I recall, they had 4 or 5 suspects (all bad guys from prior episodes, IIRC) who all actually wanted this almost 12-year-old kid dead, which seemed pretty nuts to me. How many people can you really murderously annoy before you become a teenager? After you become one, sure, but still.