The Dig List: 9/7/08

Brief, usually untimely reactions to stuff I've read recently. Here we go:

(Wait, before we start... do folks think I do these too frequently? Should I space them out more so there's definitely a week or more between each segment? Let me know. We now return to The Dig List, already in progress.)

World War Hulk trade paperback - With a book called World War Hulk, you expect to see a lot of the Hulk smashing the holy hell out of everything in sight, and by George, do you get that here in spades. To use a movie analogy, if the Planet Hulk series was Rocky (i.e., the one with an actual story), WWH is Rocky III (the one with all the entertaining hitting). Not much in the way of gravitas here - like most recent Marvel summer events, the meat of the story is actually going on in the tie-ins, not the main book - but what's here is a suitable enough payoff to Planet Hulk, at least until the lame "Deus Ex Sentry" ending (give it up, Marvel... Sentry is never getting over with the crowd). I was sad to see that none of the Hercules/Angel/Amadeus Cho stuff I've heard such great things about ever came into play here, though, but I remain intrigued enough to track down that tie-in volume through the library, so it wasn't so off-putting. Anyway, in the end, nothing you need to own, but worth a read for the dumb fun. Read Planet Hulk first, though, if you haven't yet.

King Size Spider-Man Summer Special - There's a story in here about an early meeting between Spider-Man and the Falcon. Skip it. It's terrible. However, the first story by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, two of the big movers and shakers in Marvel's Secret Department of Fun (idea ™ Bully the Little Stuffed Bull), is pure genius, and worth the price of admission on its own. Basically, the Enchantress seeks to control an army of women via magical shampoo, and only the team of Clea, She-Hulk, Marvel Girl, Scarlet Witch, Hellcat, Mary Jane Watson, and Millie the Model can stop her.

(Digest that for a minute. So much concentrated awesome can lead to head 'splodeys if you take it in too quickly.)

Anyway, yeah. If that's not the sort of comics you want to read, I don't know what else to say to sell you on this. The Spidey/MODOK gag strip by Tobin and Coover is fun, too, but the lead story... you need it in your life, okay? I can't stress that enough. Enchanted. Shampoo. C'mon, people!

Doctor Who: The Forgotten #1 - This is as good a start as the first issue of the previous IDW Doctor Who mini-series wasn't. Damning with faint praise, I know, but seriously, this kicks off on a much better foot than its dire, convoluted, and boring predecessor. Tony Lee's plot is nothing new if you've read even a handful of the many Who novels - the Doctor loses the memories of his prior selves and must reconnect with objects from his past in order to regain them and save the day - but it's handled pretty well. The strange Doctor-centric museum is a suitably creepy setting that would've fit in well with the original series, and the First Doctor flashback captured the feel of that era without being quite as boring (impressive, as I find most William Hartnell stories to be pretty yawny). And the art by Pia Guerra is a real treat after the sloppy work from the last series. Not quite up to the standard of her work on Y the Last Man, but that may be more of an inker or coloring thing. An interesting beginning... let's see where they take it from here.

MySpace Dark Horse Presents #14 - New Beanworld. New Beanworld! NEW BEANWORLD! There's other stuff, too, but come on. Beanworld. And it's new. Ish. The overall narrative isn't really moved ahead, but it's a good introduction for newbies and a solid refresher for fans who haven't maybe thought of it in awhile. Also, it's in color, which took a little getting used to for me (I never thought Beanish would be quite so Kermity green!). And it's all yours for the low, low price of Free Ninety-Free, so you've no excuse to not go here and check out one of my very favoritest comics of all time.

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