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The CR Sunday Feature Meme: 50 Things Every Comics Collection Truly Needs

The Photo Meme

Five(ish) Comics That Need To Be Collected Already!

Ponderous Graffiti

New Beanworld. New Beanworld! NEW BEANWORLD!

The Dig List - 9/17/08

A game with no clear point or objective, yet still oddly appealing.

Ten (and then some) things I learned from the Superman Vs. Atom Man radio serial.

"And the TVs had these funny little knobs you'd use to change the stations..."

Pretty Sketchy - Kinetix and XS by Johnny Bacardi!

September Previews Thoughts (such as they are)

The Dig List: 9/7/08

A reminder to DC Direct statue customers.

Thursday is...

Lazy Tuesday YouTube Blogging - Palabra Jot, Palabra Jot.

The Dig List - 9/1/08