Shotgun discourse

So the Arkansas Democratic party chairman was shot and killed yesterday.

Now, the police still don't seem to know of any possible motive at the moment, so we don't know politics were involved. But if it turns out some sort of ideological clash is at the center of this, is this going to be a thing now, like the Unitarian church shooting a few weeks ago? Where people think it's perfectly okay to kill someone just because you disagree with their politics?

(And isn't that the sort of thing they do in some of the countries we currently consider our enemies, or am I not supposed to ask that question?)

I only ask because I know more than a few people who will think, say, or do what Fox or talk radio or whatever tell them to do, and a few of them do own guns, so if this is becoming some sort of official policy, yeah, I'm a little scared.

And for the record, I'm registered as unaffiliated. Whenever anyone asks me if I'm a Republican or a Democrat, or as is more often the case lately, conservative or liberal, I either answer "angry and unrepresented" or "Rational."

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