My rambling political screed in which I don't mention even a single candidate.

So yeah, politics.

I've spent the last 8 years or so basically being bashed by people for my beliefs. And you know, I'm a little sick of it. Oh, I should probably point this out right now, too... this bashing comes from people on both the left and the right.

It isn't news to anyone that this country of ours is a pretty divided place these days. You're with us or against us. You're on the left or the right. And apparently, jeez, even salad green preference is divisive... iceberg or arugula?

And it goes deeper. I rarely hear folks refer to themselves as Republican or Democrat anymore... everyone's either a conservative or a liberal. People aren't even identifying with parties anymore, they're Lowest Common Denominatoring themselves down to governing ideologies. I don't know about you, but to me, that's pretty scary. I'm entirely too, well, stubborn, quite frankly, to try and compartmentalize my beliefs like that. I can't see the world as black and white, forcing myself to choose between one of only two options as dictated by one side or the other.

I know, I'd have made a terrible Objectivist. And I'm such a Ditko fan, too.

So I seem to take a lot of crap about this. I'm called non-committal. I'm told people in the middle of the road get hit by trucks. I've been told I'm "not playing the game correctly." I've been told I'm a bad America. One time I was even been slammed for adhering "too closely" to the word of the Constitution, taking too much of it at "face value" (especially in regard to free speech and the separation of church and state), which, hey, silly me, I always thought was sort of the point.

So there's a reason why my voter registration card says Unaffiliated. There's a reason why the Political Views line on my Facebook profile reads "Rational." It's because I think no one end of the spectrum should ever get their way on everything; there needs to be balance. Some of my views on, say, certain healthcare or education issues, could be considered fairly liberal, but I'm pretty conservative on aspects of immigration or defense. And this confuses the living hell out of some folks, but that's where my brain has led me.

I guess the point of all this is Think, Don't Follow. I probably could have saved a whole lot of my time and yours if I led off with that (and probably ended there), but it was helpful to get the whole rambling mess out of my head. Thanks for reading this far. Next time, it's back to comics and/or fart jokes, I promise.


  1. I don't really see identifying with a particular ideology as more of a problem than identifying with a party. You say yourself that you're "liberal" on some issues and "conservative" on others, so why should it be a stretch for people who are, say, pro-choice to also be pro-gun?

  2. It just doesn't sit as well with me, for whatever reason. It could well be some peculiar semiotic hang-up of my own making, but there ya go.

  3. The boat we are in is the same. Watcha gonna do though.