The Dig List 7/30/08 - Catching Up 3

Short reactions to stuff that's been read lately. Not always timely, but honest. That counts for something, right?

Justice Society of America #s 1-10 - This is the entire early 90s series by Len Stazewski and Mike Parobeck, and I had a lot of fun re-reading these over the past few nights this week. The series focused heavily on a theme of heroes from another age trying to find their place in a modern world (especially since the characters themselves had just recently returned from limbo, both in story and publishing), and in retrospect, it feels very apt. A simple, straightforward adventure book like this was a real oddity on the stands in 1992, a tough sell since it was so not "kewl" compared to what was hot at the time (I mean, there's not a pouch or arm blade to be found anywhere). It'd probably be a tough sell today, come to think of it. But it's a fun book, and the gorgeous, clean lines of the late Mr. Parobeck's artwork just sing, people. Worth checking the cheapie bins for.

Pilot Season: Twilight Guardian - I know Top Cow has worked hard the past few years to turn themselves into something other than just a purveyor of Boob War books, but this is an unusual book, even for them. The title character is a twentysomething woman who has appointed herself the official superhero for her 8 9* block stretch of neighborhood, and takes to the streets each night to patrol for wrongdoing. Where she sees potential menace everywhere, we see a couple of pretty mundane nights in Anysuburb, USA. Not a lot technically happens but it's still compelling reading as character study. I'm hoping this does well in Top Cow's August Pilot Season voting, well enough to warrant at least a follow-up mini, anyway, as I'd like to learn more about what drives her, or how she'd handle an actual emergency.

Atomic Robo Vol. 1: Atomic Robo and the Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne - In my heart, I know this series is more-or-less Hellboy in robot drag. The creators spend enough time in their intros praising Mike Mignola that they realize this, too. But I've never been able to get into Hellboy, whereas I loved every second of Atomic Robo. Sentient robots fighting disembodied brains appeal to me more than smarmy apocalypse demons fighting drooling Lovecraftian horrors, I guess. And while all the scenes of two-fisted action science are certainly as exciting and well-rendered as you could possibly hope for, the flashbacks and character bits are what really push this over the top for me. Robo's letter to his friend's granddaughter was kind of touching, the glimpse of the 80s Tesladyne team is a great visual gag, and Robo's ultimate revenge against Steven Hawking is hilariously juvenile. So come for the robot beating up stuff, and stay for everything else. Easily one of the best series I've seen come down the pike in quite a long time.

Indiana Jones Adventures Vol. 1 - Slight, but fun.

You want more? Okay... it was certainly about Indiana Jones.

Seriously, that's about all I've got. It's comic book cotton candy. A decent read, but it's nothing that's gonna linger in your head for long. Probably great for the 8-12 year olds in your life, though.

* Troy Hickman says it's 9 blocks, not 8. He wrote the book. I'm gonna go with his numbers.


  1. Thanks, Bill. I hope we get the chance for more Twilight Guardian, too. If not, I'll call you up and read the unpublished scripts to you with funny voices.

    Oh, and she pstrols a NINE block area. Eight blocks is for pikers!

  2. Thanks for the fact checking, Troy!

    And while I hope it doesn't come to this, I'm totally holding you to the funny voices thing if TG isn't picked up.

  3. The JSA book was just terrific. I was pissed when it was cancelled. Have to agree that it would be a tough sell in this day and age. The current JSA book can't seem to get by without a crossover of some type or another.

  4. Those JSA issues are frickin' great. Love every last one of them. I keep forgetting I own them and I think I might almost have enough of a run to think about binding them.

  5. If I ever do cave and jump on the binding bandwagon, I'm thinking those will be among the first to be done. And maybe Chase, though I still need to get that Batman issue she first appeared in, and look into which Secret Files and Origins issues she had stories in.