The Dig List: 7/15/08 - Catching Up Part 1

Marina by Emily Block - After reading this when Kevin posted a link to the online version a few weeks back, I fell instantly in love and needed to own a physical copy, if such a thing existed, to re-read to my heart's content. A quick visit to her website showed that it did, and I tell ya, it's the best dollar I've spent in quite a long time. The short, wordless story conveys the wonder of flight better than anything this side of a Miyazaki movie, and it's a ripping little yarn of adventure and familial love besides. If this is the sort of thing Block can make for 24 Hour Comic Day, I look forward to seeing what she can do when she can take her time.

Harvest Is When I Need You The Most - The conventional wisdom for the last 10 years or so is that some of the best Star Wars related projects have the least involvement from George Lucas. So with that frame of mind, you might conclude that this completely unauthorized mini is the best Star Wars comic book ever published... and it just may be. Created by a stable of indie talents, the stories range from parody to quieter moments that could very well take place in between the scenes of the original trilogy, but it's clear that everyone involved has nothing but love in their hearts for Star Wars (the originals, anyway). By all accounts, this book was the hit of MOCCA, and it's easy to see why. I'm very glad they made this available for sale online. Get yours before King George decides to get litigious.

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