Steak, presents... it was really a perfect weekend.

April made one last, desperate stab at trying to mess up life at least a little, but the birthday weekend (or more appropriately, the weekend after the birthday, at which time it was actually convenient to celebrate) was a pretty fab time.

Friday night Erin and I went out to dinner at a quasi-fancy place in Providence (thanks to a gift card to the place that her mom suddenly decided she didn't need), both to celebrate my birthday and the fact that we have been ruining each other's lives for 10 whole years now (this latter milestone actually occurred in March, and was originally going to be celebrated on our ill-fated NYC trip last month). Steak and the finest mashed potatoes known to man were consumed, along with some fine alkyhol, other veggies, and desert, and very little of it on our dime, which is always the best sort of meal to have. I'm decidedly unsuave and if possible, actually anti-sophisticated, so I always feel ill at ease in nice restaurants, but I'm willing to put up with a lot of personal discomfort and anxiety for a free steak. And at least I know which fork to use and when, even if I look vaguely spastic doing so.

Saturday morning was spent gathering Free Comic Book Day swag at the local Newbury Comics location (for the unfamiliar, despite the name, NC is more of a record store than a comics shop, but they do still carry comics as a sideline, and even if they don't go all out for FCBD, they at least put out a nice spread of the books, keep them in a prominent spot, and are friendly to deal with), and then helping Erin get the house ready for my birthday part that night. About half the people we expected ended up being unable to come due to illness, exhaustion, or whatever (this was the last gambit in April's all-out-attack on our lives), but we still had a good mix of family and friends. Pizza was eaten, beers consumed, baseball watched, and when the older folks left, Wii was played well into the night. When I'm lying in the gutters, strung out on my hardcore Mario Kart addiction, you'll be able to trace my downfall back to this Saturday night.

And Sunday was... well, I worked Sunday, and early at that, but as a result I was home early enough to enjoy dinner with the fam for once, and a night of online Mario Karting, which only furthered me along the path to dependency. Honestly, if I didn't have a toddler so fond of early morning wake-up yelling, I'd be playing right now. Or watching the Doctor Who Season 3 DVDs Erin got me. I'm telling you, there's not enough time in the day to live a real life and still squeeze in my pop culture needs, too.

But nope... with a tummy full of the last of the cake and a near-perpetual yawn, I'm off to bed. 'Night!

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