Lazy Sunday Previews Blogging - Part the Second

In which we continue looking at comical books of note listed in the May edition of Previews.

:01 (First Second)
Robot Dreams - It's about a dog that makes friends with a robot, and then needs to go in search of new friends when the robot accidentally rusts itself to a stop. Oh, and the rusted robot dreams longingly of his lost doggy friend. Could be too precious to stand, could be too awesome for words. Definitely something I'll check out at some point, though.

Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Halo & Sprocket Vol. 2: Natural Creatures TPB - This sequel to Kerry Callen's mini about a robot, an angel, and the girl who is attempting to teach them both about humanity, is LONG overdue, and I'm very glad to see it. Can't actually afford to get it this month, but I'll be sure to read it eventually.
Evil Twin Comics
Comic Book Comics #2
- The first issue had me convinced that when this series is said, done, and collected, it'll eventually be to the history of comics what McCloud's Understanding Comics is to form and Eisner's Comics and Sequential Art is to technique.

Love & Rockets New Stories #1 - Penny Century finally gets her superpowers, and of course everything falls apart. Xaime doing his own take on a superhero story is something I definitely want to see, but this strikes me as the sort of evergreen item I'll be able to pick up whenever, since Fanta is (generally) pretty good about keeping the various works of Los Bros. in print.

Harper Collins
Zot Vol. 1: The Complete Black & White Stories 1987 to 1991 - At long last, something I've been waiting years and years for finally comes back in to print and in an affordable format to boot (take notes, Dark Horse). The fact that they're labeling this Volume 1 makes me hope they'll collect the original color issues, too, but one bit at a time. This is my Priority A #1 Must Buy of the month. Just the Earth stories alone would make it that, though... to get so much of the rest is a big time journey into bonus land.

IDW Publishing
Doctor Who Classics Vol. 1 - Don't know if I have the interest in buying this, but it's great to see IDW collecting this series, as it makes an affordable alternative to the ridiculously spendy Panini editions, and with better production values to boot. Nice.

Top Shelf
Too Cool To Be Forgotten
- New Alex Robinson original graphic novel. Based on how good Tricked and Box Office Poison were, I can't imagine this'll be anything but equally excellent. But with the Zot book competing for my dollars, I don't think I can swing it this month. An eventual purchase to be certain, but it may have to wait for now, sadly.

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