Lazy Sunday Previews Blogging - Part the First

Everyone else has already done it, but I've never seen a bandwagon yet that I didn't hop on well after the fact, so here's what looked interesting to me in the May Previews (for books shipping in July, except for Dark Horse, who are probably advance soliciting everything for December 2013 at this point). This isn't all stuff I'm buying, necessarily, but also just some things worth noting for good or ill.

Dark Horse
MySpace Dark Horse Presents TPB Vol. 1 - I'm glad to see they're collecting some of the content from Dark Horse's MySpace presence, a lot of which have been really excellent, but I'd mostly just be buying this for Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon's Sugarshock, and $20 for one story is just too much. Maybe if they'd just put out a one-shot issue instead.

Blue Beetle #26 - New writer Matthew Sturges steps into some pretty huge and talented shoes. I hope he's up to it!

Ambush Bug Year None #1 - I mean, come on, I have to buy a new Ambush Bug book. That's a given.

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam #1 - Herobear & the Kid's Mike Kunkel writing and drawing Captain Marvel? Yes, please. I'll take two, so I can give one to Liam.

Tiny Titans #6 - Art Balthazar drawing the Tiny Titans version of Blue Beetle... yeah, I'm gonna need that.

Liberty Comics: A CBLDF Benefit Book
- I love these all-star talent benefit books, and as the Gordon Lee case proved, the CBLDF is a good institution to support, so it's a win-win.

Witchblade Vol. 1 - Witch Hunt - Never been much of a Witchblade fan, but word on the street is that Ron Marz really turned this Boob War book around and made it something kinda readable. Also, this first trade of his run? Five bucks. Less with the DCBS discount. Six issues at that price, I can try it.

Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #1
- Marvel Adventures books are fun. Stories written by Paul Tobin are fun. Hercules stories are fun. I don't see much wrong with this.

Fantastic Four: True Story #1 - I love Paul Cornell's Doctor Who writing, and I imagine he'll do a terrific job with the FF. Probably wait for the trade, though.

Mini Marvels Digest Vol. 1: Rock Paper Scissors - About time they started collecting these strips! Lots of good fan humor in this one... might be a bit hard to follow if you're not up on some Marvel minutiae, but if you are, this should be a tough item to pass up.

Patsy Walker: Hellcat #1 - This mini by Kathryn Immonen sounds fun, as does the three-parter in Marvel Comics Presents she did with her hubby, Stuart. I'm waiting for the trade, though, in the hopes they collect all that together.

X-Men: First Class #14 - Machine Man! Woot! Also, they're finally listing the Colleen Coover back-up strips in the solicit. Thank you, Marvel! That definitely helps me make my decision where this book is concerned.

This is going long... I'm glad I have no intention of buying a lot of this stuff, or else we'd be eating nothing but SpaghettiOs for months. Let's do the back-half a little later, okay? Meet you back here then.

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  1. I'm pretty jazzed about that Captain Marvel book as well.

    And for 50 cents at DCBS? Are you kidding me?