Grand Theft Mario

Got this for my birthday.

It's probably because I'm caught up in that first flush of new love - a feeling that no video game has been able to produce in such a very long time - but I might like this better than breathing. But even after I move past the ridiculous hyperbole stage, I'm still going to love this to near-Ms. Pac-Man levels. It may even surpass it. And I loves me some Ms. Pac-Man.

(Oh, that sounds wrong. Nothing to see here, horribly misdirected visitors from Google. Please go home now.)

Also, it helps that I have friends my own age that I can play online with, so I don't have to deal with the shame of getting schooled by profane Southern tweens or 8 year olds in Yokohama if I don't want to, which is always nice.

And of course, vehicular manslaughter is always more fun when it involves turtle shells or Bob-ombs.

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  1. For some reason, I love saying Wii Wheel. Try it: Wii Wheel!