Getting Hooked - Prologue

Here's the thing: I don't ever remember not reading comics.

The way my mom tells it, I learned to read early, when I was 3 and a half or so, and moved passed the Dick & Jane type stuff quickly. They wanted reading material that was a little more advanced for me, and I was drawn to these magazines I'd see at the store with colorful pictures of people I liked to watch on TV - Bugs Bunny, the Superfriends, Richie Rich, etc. - so my parents figured comics were a great compromise. So I guess what I'm saying is blame them.

Okay, fine, not really. I guess that sticking with this little hobby of ours for - crikey! - 29 years now might be at least a little bit my fault.

Anyhow, there's been a lot of talk in the past month on the various comics-related blogs and websites about the books that made long time comic book readers out of kids who maybe otherwise could have lived normal lives. And the weird thing is, having started so young, I don't remember any one stand-out moment that made me say, "These are interesting, I must seek out more," since I don't ever recall not having at least a few well-read, inevitably coverless comics or Mad issues lying around the house. By the time we reached the event that kickstarted the interest of a lot of the comics readers of my generation - the TV commercial for G.I. Joe #1 - I had already been into comics for several years.

So although I have no clear memory of what my very first comic was, that's not to say I don't remember a lot of those early comics. There are maybe half a dozen or so that I remember pretty vividly, in fact. Sounds like the fodder for a semi-regular blog series to me. So let's talk about some comics, huh?

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