So yeah, that didn't happen.

As I said the other day, our long-planned, child-free weekend of fun (and for me, comics) in New York was torpedoed at almost-but-not-quite the last minute. The Stomach Flu of Great Inconvenience and Discomfort that knocked me on my hinder last Sunday night struck Erin late Wednesday night, and there was just no way she was going to feel well enough for a busy weekend in the city just a day or so later. To make things worse, Liam was rather painfully backed up and justifiably cranky about it, so we would've felt bad just dropping him off with the in-laws in that state even if we could have gone. It just wasn't meant to be, unfortunately. At least we were able to cancel our hotel reservations before the point when they would've charged us anyway. So there's that.

We spent a lot of Thursday and Friday playing a variation of the Blame Game, one where you try and actually accept blame instead of passing it off. Erin kept apologizing for getting sick and forcing us to cancel, and I kept apologizing to her for getting her sick in the first place, forcing us to cancel. A pretty pathetic state of affairs, to be sure. Erin also kept insisting that I just go down for the day solo on Friday so I could get in some time at the New York Comic Con, since I had been looking forward to it for so long. A wonderful, selfless offer, but I wasn't going to leave a sick wife with a miserable toddler all day just so I could buy some comics. For one thing, it's just not cool, and for another, I'd prefer to stay married, a status I'm sure would be threatened if I were to leave them together in their respective states for the day.

And so, we made metaphoric lemonade. The weather was beautiful, so we got quite a bit of stuff done around the house in the yard, we got a lot of errands run once Erin felt well enough to leave the house, and even though Liam's mood never improved even after he unclogged (and if anything, his mood got worse), we somehow managed to get through the whole weekend without selling him to anybody (though we may have threatened to once or twice... well, no more than 8 times, max.). And so that we'd come out of the weekend having accomplished something frivolous and fun, we ended up buying a Wii. Erin's idea, no less, which is all the more impressive consider she has been named Miss Fiscal Responsibility for the past 12 years running.

So we found a silver lining or two, and no one got hurt, divorced, or sold. A surprisingly decent outcome, given some astoundingly shitty beginnings, I suppose. But make no mistake: next time we plan a vacation of any kind, we're moving into a germ-free bubble a good 6 weeks beforehand.


  1. How many venues in Rhode Island are open to buying a toddler?

  2. In a mobbed up state like this? You'd be surprised.