A single Dig and some Juliana

Too much sickness to have read much lately, but here's one thing I did read that I can react to in type:

Y: The Last Man Vol. 2: Cycles - With all of the set-up out of the way, the plot can begin to get moving, and it does as Yorick, Agent 355, and the ironically named Dr. Mann begin their long trek to the Doctor's back-up lab in California. Complications ensue, 'natch. The plot goes places that I found both interesting and kind of annoying at the same time. One of the major problems set-up in the first volume, is at least temporarily dispatched in a rather shocking way that I never saw coming (the interesting), but the allegedly super-faithful Yorick's quickie sorta-romance with a local was a little too "David Janssen in The Fugitive romantic sub-plot of the episode" for my liking (the kind-of annoying). Also, I was able to blast through the entire volume in about a half-hour. It was a pleasantly breezy read, sure, but it helped convinced me that I'm better off to keep getting these through the library rather than buy 'em. But I will keep reading, as it's a good ride so far. And the clean lines of Pia Guerra's artwork is a hell of a draw (no pun intended), I have to say.

If you're a Juliana Hatfield fan, or even if you're not, you should check out the blog she's been keeping over at her website and at MySpace. She's been describing the process, meanings, and stories behind the writing of some of her songs, and so far it has provided some very unique insights into not only the creative process, but the thoughts and life of a talented but often shy and reserved woman, kinda like Storytellers and Behind the Music combined and in print. Interesting reading.

Also, she has a new album coming out in June, which I will most likely buy the second it comes out, because I'm like that where her music is concerned.

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